Outlaw 330




Our Mission Statement

bullet Item One:
  • To offer experienced drivers a place to race in a true professional like and heads up environment.

bullet Item Two:
  • To provide a safe environment for the fastest junior dragsters to compete.

bullet Item Three:
  • To compete within the national rules of IHRA and NHRA at sanctioned tracks.

bullet Item Four:
  • To provide a set of stable and standardized 330 rules nationwide.

The 2003 Outlaw 330 season was a great success and showed the potential for growth in this segment of junior drag racing.

We are excited to once again bring our junior racers the opportunity to participate in this advanced category of junior racing which will help prepare them for Super Class racing in the future.

We are looking forward to a great season of fun and expanded competition in 2004!

Comments and suggestions about the Outlaw 330 program are welcomed. Please direct all inquires regarding the Outlaw 330 program to:

Rowland Wood

For website issues only, contact the webmaster.

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